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Marzia is a life lover, an enthusiastic person, passionate about fragrances, flavors, essences and aromatic herbs since he was teenager. Even as a child she loved to collect herbs and flowers, to smell them, to crush them and to extract the juice. She attended several courses about herbs and she graduated in chemical engineering. Marzia launched a study of management consulting that she lead for 20 years and passion for perfume continued in readings and testing perfumes that accompanying every moment of her life.
She plays the harp and loves horse riding in the grasslands, also loves sewing and embroidery clothes. Marzia loves the color purple, calla flower and is infinitely happy to be mother.

Marzia Valli Parfumes is a new adventure in artistic perfumery. Production and selling of high range perfumes, these fragrances are composed with high quality essences in a luxury packaging.

Memento's project born when Marzia was looking for a challenge, which might give new life. It all started from one of her big passion for perfume, so in 2008 she made the five fragrances with her name that match her personality: her perfumes gave the name of the adjectives reflect that.
To create the essences Marzia has imagined herself and all women when buy a perfume: the most part of women when buys a perfume is usually very sad or very happy, and for this reason that she want to give importance at the time purchase, making sure that the customer is involved with your senses and be pampered.
So in the store, to engage the senses of smell and touch, smell the perfume is made of embroidered silk handkerchiefs, this is a caress for the customer. For the view have created packages that seem boxes of precious jewels. Finally, the hearing is involved reading the descriptions of each scent that suggests an emotion.

The purchase of a perfume Marzia Valli becomes a moment of pleasure, exclusive and personal, because the choice of a perfume is pleasure and emotion!

Have a luxury experience with my fragrances!
bye bye, Marzia

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